Why Sesan Hoi An Tailors?

Sometimes travel can be about the places that you go, sometimes it can be about the people you meet and sometimes it can be about the shopping! This article is about all three.

Hoi An’s Tailoring History

Hoi An is famous for a few things. The iconic Ancient Town, beautiful beaches, over 2,000 years of history… and the art of tailor-made clothes. Hoi An has been practicing the tailoring trade for centuries, catering to a plethora of international clientele brought to Hoi An’s shores through its bustling trade port. Though the Thu Bon River’s banks have long since silted and Hoi An’s harbor hasn’t seen merchant ships in over 200 years, the tailoring trade is still alive and well.

When tourism started coming to Hoi An in the 1990’s, there was a small number of tailoring shops who offered their services to foreigners. Amongst those? Sesan Tailors. Though the years have been extremely kind to Hoi An’s economy (with a huge influx in tourism), the tailoring trade has somewhat faltered. While the quantity of shops offering ‘tailor-made’clothes has drastically increased, the quality of the craft has terribly suffered.

An Influx of Tourism, an Influx of Tailoring.

Hundreds of tailor shops may line Hoi An’s streets with smiling, encouraging faces inviting foreigners to “come in, please” and choose their shop, but the end results are often the same. Low quality fabrics combined with a rushed manufacturing, and ultimately, a long line of disappointed customers. There are, however, a few shops in Hoi An that continue to practice their trade as honestly and professionally as they did 20 years ago. Still amongst those name is Sesan Tailors.

Family owned and operated since 1992, Sesan Tailors has been creating, crafting, designing and perfecting customer’s clothes for over 25 years. The professionals at Sesan keep the ancient tradition alive using only the top quality fabrics, employing Hoi An’s most skilled tailors, and sincerely catering to all the customer’s needs. No matter what style of clothing you’re looking to get made, Sesan will meet and exceed your expectations.

 Why is Sesan Different?

Mr. Hung, Ms. Thuy and Ms. Hiep understand the tourism trade. They know what foreigners are looking for, they understand the importance of quality and returning customers, and most importantly, they don’t cut corners. Instead of over-charging and spending money on in-your-face advertisements, they rely on reputation- staying true to their mantra of top quality at affordable prices. Don’t believe it? Let their customers do the talking.

“Best Shop in Hoi An”

“Unforgettable Service”

“Friendly, Professional and Great Quality”

“They go for 100% Perfect, Nothing Less”

With an extraordinary number of positive reviews from Sesan’s satisfied customers, you know they’re doing something right.

Not only does Sesan provide their services to Hoi An’s endless stream of tourists, but they’ve taken their shop online as well. For the satisfied customers who wish they could have made more clothes with Sesan’s professional team, now they can. With measurements and dimensions stored in Sesan’s database and an online catalogue to design with, Sesan Tailors can create and ship your custom Hoi An specialties right to your door.

why sesan hoi an tailorsVisit Us.

Of course nothing beats the personal experience, so next time you’re in Hoi An, look for Sesan Tailors at 68 Tran Hung Dao and bring your clothing designs to life- the best quality at the best price.

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