Where Santa Goes on Vacation

Santa is definitely one of the hardest working men in the world. He and his elves spend the majority of their year manufacturing the toys that will be distributed to good boys and girls all around the world on Christmas Eve.

He does this from the North Pole, which is one of the coldest places on the planet. When Santa is not working on the actual manufacturer of toys, he is no doubt spending all this time planning logistics, meaning how he will get around the world in such a short. On time with so many deliveries to me.

As mentioned, the elves are his faithful partners and making sure that the job gets done successfully year in and year out. And of course at his side is Mrs. Claus who supports Santa in his efforts to reward good kids.

On December 25th and beyond, Santa is exhausted and is only thinking about how to get a break away from the workshop. It will take a few months to clean up the place, but then they are off to a much needed vacation destination. Although they can go anywhere, Santa have some specific parameters for where he, Mrs. Claus, and the elves will go for a much-needed vacation.

Santa select Mykonos - is that Sant buying postcards?
Hora: Is that Santa buying potcards just behind that scantily clad lady? A beach front escape!
Image Credit: GNTO/Y.skoulas via Visit Greece

A Great Resort
Santa is used to cramped quarters at his workshop, so he is looking for some place where he can stretch out a bit and where he and the Mrs. can be pampered. A perfect suggestion is the beautiful Greek island Mykonos which has many amazing beach hotels. For Santa the best choice is the Adorno Suites Hotel. This exclusive Resort sits right on its own private beach and has the best service on Mykonos. Each room is a suite, so they are all large. In fact Santa can select a room it has its own private pool. Further, Santa can have the Mykonos staff contact a masseuse for in-room massages
for everyone. For more information about the Adorno Suites Hotel have a look here.

A Warm Location
From where is sitting in the North Pole, the first item on his list is someplace warmer so they can thaw out. The perfect location for this is the lovely Mediterranean Sea area. During the summer months, the weather here is the best in Europe. The sun shines all day and the nights are slightly breezy and cool. It is the perfect weather for a tired Santa and the crew to relax.

Nice People
We all know that Santa loves nice people, so it stands to reason that where he and his crew go on vacation must be filled with really nice people. The Greek people are known for their hospitality and how they treat guests. Mykonos follows this tradition. The people here are warm and inviting. Santa can count on being treated well and invited into the homes of many locals where he will eat, dance and sing with them.

Hora - back streets - great for walking off christmas excess
Image Credit: GNTO/Y.skoulas via Visit Greece

Great Food

You can tell by Santa’s size that one of his favorite pastimes is eating. He enjoys good home cooked food that is hearty and tasty. The Greeks specialize in this type of cuisine and on Mykonos Santa can find lots of great restaurants serving local dishes. He can bring the whole crew and dine overlooking the water or the mountains. Or he can order room service while he relaxes in his private pool. Santa cannot make a better choice for him and his crew than the Adorno Suites Hotel on Mykonos. They can relax or participate in water sports, do some hiking or even cycle around the island. This vacation will be one Santa will not soon forget and best of all this perfect vacation is available to anyone even if you are not Santa.