Visiting the People’s Park in Davao City

Situated in the southern part of Davao City, the People’s Park features extensive gardens, several fountains and historic sculptures. The reserve also contains various well-equipped picnic areas, walkways and playgrounds and the park frequently hosts concerts, competitions, exercise classes and festivals. The park also has a large number of lights that provide excellent visibility during the night and the reserve contains more benches than all other parks in the city.

Davao People's Park Walkway
Peoples Park., CC BY 2.0

The Main Entrance

The visitor centre is located at the reserve’s entrance and has a roof that resembles a durian, which is a fruit that naturally grows in the Philippines. The structure is flanked by a garden that features bamboo, a large number of tulips and numerous types of palm trees.

The Plants

According to several reports, the park features approximately 1,000 species of plants and more than eight types of rare flowers. The reserve also has a heavily forested section that includes a sizeable river and bridges with historic designs.

Davao People's Park River
A Jungle Venice, CC BY-ND 2.0

The Paintings

Travelers may view several murals that depict guests who are relaxing in the park. Near the main playground, you can find sizeable paintings that portray flowers, numerous types of animals and landscapes.

The Fountains

The park is equipped with interactive fountains that are similar to colourful sculptures, which are situated near a small pond and a sizeable bridge. The fountains also include lights that are activated when there are guests nearby.

Historic Sites and Sculptures

Davao People's park Sculptures
Davao May 2010 (110 (12), CC BY-SA 2.0

A sizable sculpture that resembles an eagle is situated near the reserve’s entrance. With a height of approximately 15 feet, the sculpture also features numerous statues that depict children who are carrying food.
In the park’s central section, travellers will see a historic sculpture that was inspired by a group of children who were playing numerous types of instruments. The reserve also has eight other sculptures that depict kids holding instruments.
Near the reserve’s forested areas, guests can view a man-made waterfall that features volcanic rock. This attraction has a height of around 10 metres and is situated next to a picturesque river. There is also a wooden walkway conveniently positioned near the waterfall.


The reserve’s largest pond is surrounded by a trail and is close to several waterfalls. The main promenade allows guests to exercise and hosts classes that commonly attract more than 200 people. Moreover, concerts, festivals and speeches regularly take place in this section of the park.

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