Short Breaks to Vienna

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“For music and imperial charm Vienna is a great short-break destination”

Vienna displays all the cultural heritage of a great empire in its compact central district. It is a beautiful “strollable” city with an amazing array of narrow lanes, historic squares, palaces, fine gardens, cafes serving pastries ‘to die for’, wine bars, restaurants that are among the best in Europe and, a joy in any city, elegant and interesting people to watch.

Image: John Menard from Phoenix, USA

For the music-lover there are concerts, operas and museums dedicated to such geniuses as Mozart and Haydn. Highlights include the Vienna Boys Choir, Schönbrunn Palace concerts, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Opera House.

The Spanish Riding School is a unique and unmissable spectacle though the number of performances is extremely limited. So if you wish to attend book early.

Shopping in Vienna boasts international appeal with tempting displays in elegant shops and national interest with Austrian Crystal, Augarten porcelain and fine silk.

Most of all it is a city for relaxation. Take advantage of our extra night prices if you feel that you will not have left enough time to see the things and places you want to without rushing: A short ride from the city centre lies a whole host of different experiences that make an extra two days on the schedule infinitely worthwhile.

And, if this is not enough the city lies on the magical River Danube.

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