Unplug, Detox & Reboot

Would you like to disconnect from your smartphone, lose a few kilos, fill your soul, give your liver a break, de-stress or simply have some “me” time? Do you feel tired with no energy? No zest for life? This can be completely turned around in just 6 days.

It’s hard to believe however absolutely true! You will feel like you are flying with a cape on when you leave! A digital detox retreat can be terrific catalyst for change, helping you move forward in a meaningful and lasting way.

Much more than a digital detox… it’s a life changing experience. Disconnecting & Juicing has an incredible healing power that can turn around physical issues and can give you a renewed feeling of vitality at a level you may not have experienced before.

During the retreat Detox Escape gives you a healthy dose of juicing classes, inspires you to change things about your life, and helps you understand yourself better.


They don’t advocate radical diets or strict regimes; the idea is to help you to decelerate, take a step closer towards optimum health and empower you to look after your own well being.

The benefits of replacing food with juice can be substantial, as the body has the chance to put its energy on cleansing rather than digesting and assimilating food.

As soon as you start detoxing your body will be given the opportunity to start clearing out the toxins that have accumulated in the cells throughout the body, thus allowing weight loss. Toxins build up in the body from food, drink, prescription and recreational drugs, environmental pollutants, caffeine, alcohol, cosmetics, emotional stress, negative thoughts, suppressed emotions and so much more.

You’ll be disconnecting on one of the most beautiful beaches in Brasil, Buzios near Rio de Janeiro, Aug 17th-23rd, 2014. Many people come for a few days and stay for a month.

It’s that kind of place.

Next Retreat : Aug 17th-23rd, 2014


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