Ultimate Guide to Taking Online Classes While Traveling

You love to travel. You love the freedom it brings, the exploring, and the feeling of life rejuvenation that a good trip can give you. But a trip of any kind oftentimes throws a wrench into our life plans. How do you travel when you have a job? That’s been covered on here before. But what about those who are going to university or trying to get our GED? How do you travel when you are trying to get an education? That’s another problem to tackle. Here is the ultimate guide to staying on top of your education and taking GED online classes or an online classes for university and college while you’re on the road.

Ultimate Guide to Taking Online Classes While TravelingImage Credit Source: From Lifestylebusinesspodcast, now TropicalMBA

1. Keep on Schedule

While enrolled in a course on the internet, it’s extremely important to stay on a consistent schedule. First of all, just creating a schedule in general is a step that many people don’t take. After you make a schedule of when you’re going to complete all your homework, you need to stick to the schedule. Holding yourself accountable is something that you’ll need to learn. Putting strict deadlines and homework due dates is a great idea. Most of the time in an online class you need to get the forum post done by Wednesday or Thursday nights. Set your deadline for Tuesday or Wednesday instead so that you can stay ahead of the curve. Another good trick is to try to get your coursework and the weeks deadlines done before Saturday so that if you get behind you can finish up on Sunday before the final 11:59pm Sunday night deadline.

2. Buy a Reliable, Small Travel Laptop

You don’t need anything fancy. Just something with a word processor so you can complete the assignments your professor gives you while you’re away from your normal home computer. Many students use netbooks that are small and compact enough to fit in any travel backpack, but powerful enough to allow you to browse the web and have multiple browser tabs opened as you’re logged into your online classes. Cnet has their laptop buying guide. Check out their site for reliable tech info.

3. Use Guides and Resources

It’s easy to just jump into a class and go through the motions. Making forum posts and finishing the homework assignments, but how do you do it effectively? It’s okay to use extra guides or resources such as this one for GED online Classes. Click here for the homepage. Just like you use reference material for a research paper, extra tips and tricks for taking classes online are available all around the internet and it’s now easier than ever to succeed even when you’re not in a regular classroom. So we covered how to keep on your own schedule, that you might need a laptop, that it’s okay to use external resources, and our fourth and final tip is to use other people…

4. Get an Accountability Buddy

Of course, we all think that we can get things done for ourselves in everyday life. But usually it’s easier to have someone else hold us accountable. It adds an extra dimension, giving us a psychological incentive to get going. Do you want to let your friend down? You better get your assignment done. You could have your friends and family or mother be your accountability buddy. The easiest way to find a a person to hold you accountable while taking classes is to just use your friend that you’re traveling with. Make sure you show them the schedule you created and maybe even access to your laptop or online courses so they can see that you are sticking to your plan to get your higher level education degree or GED online.

Be sure to always stay in good health and do proper travel planning so you don’t find yourself in a situation with no WIFI internet or get behind in your classes. If you need any more tips or travel hacks on here. As always, stay safe and stay smart. Be adventurous.