Tips to design Tour and Travel logos

Logos are the true representatives of a company’s beliefs, aims and values. For this reason, it is necessary for you to pay ample attention to every single element that goes into the creation of a great logo. The same holds true for travel logos. These are generally used by airlines, travel agents, cruise lines etc.

Points to help you design outstanding travel logos

Coming up with an amazing looking travel logo is not an easy job. It deems it necessary for the designer to acquire a detailed understanding of the nature of the business. The reason is that it is vital for the logo to reflect the nature of the business. If it caters to business class people, then it should portray just that, and should do the same if it caters to leisure travelers. It is extremely important for the designer to incorporate a symbol or image into the logo that would portray fun, leisure activities and enjoyment – that’s what traveling is all about, right?

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Location Factor – At times certain companies use images and symbols that represent the country in which they operate, or the country to which they provide their services. These elements basically portray their origins and help people work out the countries to where they can fly using the services of the company.

Colour Factor – The colors used in these logos need to be very vibrant and eye-catching and instigate feelings of fun and enjoyment. The colors that are most commonly used to design travel logos are inclusive of different shades of yellow, red, blue, green etc. These are all what are known as ‘happy’ colors, and they entice happiness.

FontThe fonts that you use in these logos are dependant upon the people to which the business caters to. If it is focused on leisure travelers, then casual, fun fonts would be good. But, if it provides its services to business travelers, then formal and professional fonts are your best choice.

Message – The travel logo design that you come up with needs to be extremely creative and unique. What you need to bear in mind is the fact that your logo design needs to subtly force people into trying out the services of the business. Imaginative thinking and innovation is going to play a major role in this regard. Also, the logo needs to be rather stylish and trendy in order to depict that the business has a modern approach towards traveling.  Basically, through the logo that you have created, people should be able to sense a relief far away in an exotic location from the mundane lives that they live on a regular basis.

As we have already established, coming up with a unique and innovative travel logo is not an easy task. If you have run out of your creative juices, and are struggling to get a new idea into your mind, it is necessary for you to seek inspiration to get your mind into action once again. Here are a few really good travel logo design  examples for inspiration:

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