Three Restaurant Venues in London That Will Amaze You

The multicultural city of London boasts some of the best food from around the world, blending generations of skill and cooking styles from around the globe into the hotpot capital of the UK
The food scene in London is extremely diverse accommodating for every taste and budget.

Recent years have seen a huge revival in street food markets and stalls, along with the emergence of new restaurants, and the continual growth in reputation for some of the cities well known establishments due to the level of service and quality of food they provide.


One of the most impressive, well known establishments is Gymkhana, which is situated in the prestigious Mayfair district of London. The restaurant has quickly established itself as one of London’s top Indian Restaurants, and in 2014 Gymkhana won top spot in the National Restaurant Awards for good reason.

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The setting at Gymkhana is very traditional. The décor is striking with polished wood and decorated walls adding to the vintage feel and design, furthered by the old music and crockery which the various dishes are served in. If you want to move somewhere with more privacy Gymkhana offer their private dining rooms (one of many private dining rooms in London) out for larger group dining events which are certainly worth taking advantage of.

The food offered covers many of the traditional dishes you’d expect to find at an Indian restaurant, along with unique, contemporary dishes such as the Garlic Crab and Suckling Pig Vindaloo.

Beigel Shop

Our second option is at the other end of the budget bringing you bang for fantastic value for money that you’ll struggle to match elsewhere in London. It may not look like much, but at 155 Brick Lane lies the Beigel Shop, helping to make beigel lovers dreams come true, 24 hours a day. They offer an extensive menu you can choose from, salt beef is one of the most renowned favourites and for good reason! A salt beef beigel will set you back a mere £3.80 at the time of writing. The portions are seriously sizable, and it will be one of the best beigels you ever taste, so if you’re in the Brick Lane area be sure not to leave without one!

Sarastro Restaurant

Our third option for you is more than just a dining out experience, it is a full on night out with dinner and live entertainment. The Sarastro Restaurant in London is a truly incredible restaurant venue in London and provides one of the best spots to enjoy an evening meal. Food is always enjoyed and appreciated more in a relaxed atmosphere and that is what Sarastro provides.

Situated in Drury Lane this unique restaurant serves a range of extremely good food in an incredibly vibrant setting with colourful decorations adorning every space. Surprisingly it is the live entertainment that steals the show. There are different events taking place nearly every night of the week. On Mondays a string quartet and opera singers run the show, the West End Star Colin Roe makes appearances on Thursdays, and a variety of other types of bands and music filling in the days in-between. Sarastro truly is a unique experience that you will never forget!