Five Themed Vacations You Have to Try If You’re Single

Time to turn over a pages of Good To See to another friend of mine, Cristina Costea. She runs and she’s been trying to persuade me and Leila Jones to go on one of her holidays. Of course I’ve already told her that any travelling I am doing at the moment is with my family, but she is right when she says that you don’t have to be single to want to travel on your own and, out of the five holidays she picks below, only the Yoga and the Salsa are holidays that my wife and I would do together!

And although many of the holidays that Cristina organises are singles holidays where everyone expects everyone else to be single, there many others, where being single, is just how you travel and not how you spend your life!

So here are five holiday ideas for all singletons, however temporary!

  1. Yoga Retreat in Bali

Wellness travel is a new travel trend that is already gaining a lot of popularity. If you’re single and you want to get in the dating pool, or even just aligning your mind and body, then how about a yoga retreat in Bali? These types of vacations will provide you with everything you need to manage stress, relax and meet new and like-minded people. Typically, a yoga retreat will offer amazing organic food, yoga classes, and various workshops, such as meditation and mindfulness and also a plethora of spa treatments. Yogis are some of the friendliest folks in the world and a yoga retreat will surely open you up to new and long- lasting friendships. Maybe even a new love interest!

  1. Cycling Training Camp in Spain

If Yoga is a bit too static for you, then try a cycling training camp somewhere sunny and nice, such as Spain. This type of vacation is not for the faint-hearted, but if you love to cycle, travel and to test your body’s limits, then a cycling training camp might be perfect for you. Usually, they will have a professional cycling coach, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind or making your own route. Also, the scenery is typically stunning and will make you fall irreparably in love with cycling and Spain. Cycling camps are also a great way of meeting cycling enthusiasts and of starting new lifelong friendships.

  1. Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand

Want to relax, meet cool people in an exotic location, but you also want to lose a bit of weight? Then how about a weight loss retreat? These types of programs are normally designed with an exercise program based on your body’s needs and a diet plan. But don’t imagine that you’ll have a couple of salad leaves a day, as most weight loss retreats offer great, nutritious and delicious food. What’s great about these retreats is that nobody’s forcing you to do anything, so don’t picture a Biggest Loser type of challenge. It all depends on what you can and can’t do and what you want and don’t want to do!

  1. Salsa Dancing in Cuba

What if cycling’s not your thing? Yoga’s too much and you don’t want to lose any weight? Then what about a salsa dancing vacation in the heart of Cuba! Few things are as exciting and memorable as a salsa vacation with one of the country’s most famous national dance and music’s companies. You will not only perfect your salsa moves, but you’ll also get to explore Cuba, meet gorgeous people, eat delicious food and have fancy cocktails with fellow dancers. The vast majority of salsa dancing retreats will also offer fun workshops, such as percussion or Rumba. This type of vacation is especially awesome for singles, as there is nothing more romantic than meeting new salsa lovers in an exotic environment.

  1. Ski Holidays in France

Single and adventurous, but dancing’s not your cup of tea? Then how about a lovely ski holiday in the French Alps? With over 650 kilometers of slopes, the French Alps are a skier’s dream come true. Improve your skiing skills on a holiday meant for single snowboarders, solo skiers and people who just want to meet others, who are also in love with snow and skiing. All you need to do is show up and have the time of your life.

So if these themed vacations sound appealing, or if you are interested in discovering more destinations for the single traveler, talk to Cristina – I am sure she will be happy to help! Her twitter account is @HolidaysSingles