The Spanish Riding School of Vienna

See the Lipizzaner of the The Spanish Riding School of Vienna

book nowAt the very heart of our short breaks to Vienna, the Spanish Riding School of Vienna is the oldest and last Riding School in the world where classic dressage is still practised in its purest form. This Institute was founded in 1572 and its very name gives away the fact that the horses were of Spanish origin.

The Imperial Court Stud was situated near the village of Lipizza and it was this village which gave the race its name.

The Lipizzaner horses and riders of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna

After the collapse of the Danube Monarchy in 1920 the Austrian Republic became the legal successor and from this time the Lipizzaners have been bred at the federal Stud at Piber in Styria.

The Lipizzaner is regarded as the oldest classic horse race in Europe.

The superb arena – the Winter Riding School in the Vienna Hofburg (Imperial Palace) in which the Riders of the Spanish Riding School train the horses and where they perform was commissioned by Emperor Karl VI. His portrait decorates the white baroque hall built by Josef Emanuel Fischer von Erlach from 1729 to 1735. Since 1920 the presentations of classical dressage have been open to the public.

The tasks of the Spanish Riding School are:

  • To maintain classic dressage in perfection.
  • To preserve the Lipizzaner race and to supply stallions which have proved their abilities to the Federal stud in Piber as stud horses.
  • To present classical dressage to the public.
  • To represent Austria.

Good To See offer breaks to visit the Spanish Riding School and see their world famous performances.

The Spanish Riding School invites visitors into the school to witness both morning excercises and full performances by  the horses and riders of the stud.

Morning excercise takes place most days of the year*, Tuesday to Saturday. Because of the effort required the school’s classic jumps – Levade, Courbette and Capriole – are not practised on a daily basis. For these you should book one of the full performances.

Full performances take place on Sundays throughout the year*, summer Saturdays* and other selected days.

Two Special Programmes

Piber Meets Vienna

* During July the school stallions take a break. So during for this month only, selected mares  from the Piber stud, including brood mares with their young foals, will delight visitors in Piber meets Vienna.

A Tribute to Vienna

A TRIBUTE TO VIENNA is the chance to experience two Viennese institutions in one performance, when highlights of the Ballet of the White Stallions and the musical performance of the world’s undoubtedly most renowned boys’ choir, the Vienna Boys’ Choir are paired for only half a dozen special performances throughout the year.

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See Wikipedia for further information about the Riding School and its history.