The Most Unusual Attractions in Alaska

Imagine that it’s your third trip to Alaska. You’ve seen the wildlife, taken the Denali tours, climbed the mountains and even went on a cruise. What else is there to do? The answer: PLENTLY. Here are some of the most unusual attractions in Alaska, ranging from the interesting, to the downright strange.

Near the ghost town of Solomon lies a mining town where you can see the Last Train to Nowhere, a railroad train that had been hit by a massive storm in 1913. The parts are strewn all over and off the tracks, creating an eerie atmosphere that lingers in your mind. This is one wreck that will be hard to look away from.

Have you ever heard of the Hammer Museum? That’s right. Hammers. Opened in 2002, and born out of a love for restoring old tools, Dave Pahl and his wife helped establish one of the most popular attractions in Alaska. Experience a history you may never have thought about it, and see how the tool has changed over the years. You won’t see anything like it.

There is also an annual festival that takes place in Anchorage, and it has a wide variety of activities and exhibits. You can learn about fur, watch people snowboard, enjoy fireworks, play some corn hole or listen to some music. But that’s not what makes the festival weird. It’s the Outhouse races. People literally strap themselves to porta potties on skis, and then race each other down a slope for charity! There are a number of cash prizes and trophies to compete for, so you might want to try your luck. Talk about taking care of business for a good cause!


After the race, you might have to clean yourself off. So why not try snorkeling? No, not on a beach. The Inside Passage! Located in Ketchikan, and known for its shallow and calm pools, you can see a whole new world of marine life! Starfish, sea urchins, and many other colorful creatures abound. By taking on this adventure, you’ll be given a wetsuit, snorkeling gear, and then taken on an award-winning 3 hour tour. Snorkeling in Alaska. Didn’t expect that one, did you?

Once you had your fun with the marine life, you can tell Santa how nice you were to them. Found in the aptly named town of North Pole, lies the Santa Claus House—an attraction that will appeal to both adults and children alike. You can get an original letter from jolly St. Nick himself, buy some Alaska made collectibles, take pictures of Santa’s sleigh, and enjoy the refreshments, as you experience the spirit of Christmas, no matter what day of the year it is! Don’t wait for December. Open your presents early!

This year, don’t go to the same locations. Take a journey from the thrilling to the different as you experience just a piece of what Alaska has to offer. Even after visiting these unusual attractions in Alaska, don’t forget to schedule a part two next year, as you can then check out the Earthquake Park, or the Wizard of Oz statues. You can go flightseeing, or take on the dog sled tour. As you can see, there is just no end to the fun you can have in America’s 49th state.

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