Switzerland-Heaven On The Earth

Switzerland-Heaven On The Earth

Everyone wants to see heaven, or to feel it and think about it. So it is natural for people want to go to places which give them the feeling of heaven, which give them all the attributes of happiness in one place! Switzerland will give you the entire thing which you dream of for your journey, that’s why it is also known as heaven on earth.

Switzerland is also popularized as “the land of the alps” as the mountains in Switzerland are blessed with beautiful flowers and meadows. It is truly blessed by nature and it is always brimming with life. Local people are very helpful and friendly and very welcoming. Switzerland is full of such charm that you cannot even imagine. It is surrounded by four different nations France, Germany, Italy and Austria.

Let’s take a close glance at those places which you will enjoy to visit in your journey of Switzerland:

The Chillon Castle

If you are fond of castles and keen to see large palaces then this place is the best one you will like to visit. The Chillon Castle, one of the most famous and beautiful castles in the world, is located on the shore of Lake Geneva. It is simply marvelous and a great example of ancient architecture. It consists of three courtyards and four magnificent halls which gives you broad view of the beautiful lake beyond.

Geneva Jet D’eau

Fountains, water, lightning etc. are your interests then the next place you will like to visit in Switzerland is Geneva Jet D’eau. It is one of the tallest fountains in the world and the most beautiful you have ever see. Every year from all over the world thousands of people come to see this fountain. It was built in 1891 and is also known as The Heart of Geneva. It symbolizes the very city of Geneva and can reach to a height of about 140 meters: a mind-blowing spectacle.

Swiss National Park

It is always beautiful to watch the wildlife, lovely creatures of god, their beauty, their innocent nature, their naughtiness. If you are also keen of watching wildlife creatures and wildlife photography then this is a place you really want to visit. Swiss National Park is the only national park in Switzerland and it is the home of various type and species of wildlife such as eagles, marmots, elks and many others. It covers about half the area of Switzerland and is a must see place to visit.

Swiss Transport Museum

Want to see historical things, keen to know about the history of development, especially in the field of transport and automobiles, then this place is just for you. Swiss Transport Museum, one of the best transport museums in the world, is located in Lucerne, exhibits various types of aircraft, automobiles, locomotives, ships and other means of transport and communication. In addition the museum also boasts an IMAX Theatre and a Planetarium.

Aletsch Glacier

Huge mountains, covered with charming white snow have always filled us with great excitement and pleasure. Watching glaciers is really a heart touching moment – huge, inanimate, yet somehow alive! Aletsch Glacier, is one of the longest and most watchable glaciers in the world. It is about 23 km long and located in the south-western part of alps, in the Altesch region. It is one of the easiest glacier in the world to get to and also the location of first UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is all about Switzerland, it is hard to describe all about its prosperity and beauty. So just pack your luggage, book your ticket, tighten your seat belt and get ready for a dream journey.