Milan airport transfer tips

Milan is Italy’s most stylish and chic city and one of the best shopping destinations in Europe. It is also well known for it’s financial and industrial power, located in the richest region of Italy. Once you get off your plane and arrive on Malpensa or Linate airport, you’ll feel the glamour and specific culture on every corner. Besides it’s modern spirit, Milan is the home of many historic attractions like the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and La Scala Opera House.

Milan airport transfer to arco della pace

Milano, veduta dalla Torre Branca: Arco della Pace – luglio 2013

© Andrea Scuratti, Comune di Milano_Arco della Pace

If you’re visiting Milan for the first time, it is important to get well acquantied with the various transportation types available for transfer from the airport to your accomodation. We did the research for you and here is a summary of the most important things you need to know about Milan airport transfer

1. Public transport in Milan

If you have tight budget and you want to keep your costs low, then public transport would be the ideal solution for transfer from Milan airport to your destination. There are regular bus lines from Malpensa and Linate airports, but there are few limitations you need to know. If you arrive at the Linate airport from 00:00 to 06:00, there are no bus lines, so you need to find alternate transport type. However, Malpensa airport is better connected with buses departing every 10 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes at night.

Another public transport available from Malpensa airport is train. It is especially convenient since there is underground station at the airport and trains depart every 30 minutes. However, this option is not available from Linate airport, since there is no railway line.

2. Airport car hire

If you’re planning to see most of Milan and its nearby areas (our favourites are lake Como and lake Maggiore), the most cost effective option would be car hire. You will be able to organize your time and places to visit according to your own schedule. Being tied to bus or train timetables when you have multiples places to visit can be really hard to handle, and the best part is the flexibility which will let you wander around Milan and discover secret spots.

The car hire service can be booked online before your arrival in Milan. Making car hire arrangements before the trip is especially convenient if you have some extras which need to be added to the service like baby/child seats, so your vehicle will be ready when you arrive. Another benefit is that you will avoid paperwork at the airport and all you will need is your driving license and credit card to collect your car.

3. Private airport transfer

Although you may think that private airport transfer costs a lot, if you make comparison and weigh the pros and cons compared to other transport options, it might be the best solution. Since the price is per vehicle, if you’re travelling together with larger group of people, the shared cost turns out reasonable at the end. Keep in mind that in terms of time, this is the most convient and hassle-free option.

There are many providers for Milan airport transfers and you can book the service online prior your trip to Milan. Monitoring flights is included in your service, so in case something unexpected happens and your flight is delayed, your airport transfer pickup time will be updated accordingly and the drive will be waiting for you on time. This is a door-to-door service, meaning you will be dropped off at the exact address in Milan.

4. Shared airport transfer

For solo travellers who are looking for cost effective option, the shared airport transfer is the best solution. There are many shuttle service providers in Milan and it’s best to check their schedule and drop-off points to see if they will fit in your plan. Check on Google maps the distance from your hotel to the nearest drop-off point, because sometimes you may need to combine other transport types or walk.

The shuttle makes multiple stops on its route and as you’ll be sharing airport transfer with other passengers, it may take longer till you reach your destination. So if you’re on tight schedule, keep this in mind when chossing shared airport transfer in Milan.

5. Milan airport taxi

When planning a trip, sometimes we’re so preoccupied with finding the best flight deal or hotel offer, that we forget to plan how to get from the airport to our accomodation. If you’re for the first time in Milan and forgot to book your airport transfer, there are many taxis on Malpensa and Linate airport offering transfer to any part of the city. The downside of choosing this option is that it may take some time till you find taxi, especially in peak hour.

Just like on many airports, also in Milan, you need to be carefull when choosing airport taxi and make sure you take licensed taxi by the city of Milan. You will recognize them by the sticker stating that and they are white in color. Choosing licensed taxi ensures you will get fair price and good service.

Making arrangements for your airport transfer before your trip to Milan will save you a lot of time and make your trip more pleasant, for sure. Do a thorough research and make a smart decision based on your time schedule and budget, so your visit to Milan will be smooth without unexpected surprises.

Milan is also an exceptional place to visit if you are on one of our Come for the Match, Stay for the Weekend packages with bitter rivals AC Milan and Inter both entertaining football fans in Serie A.

Author, Marija Keleshoska, writes the travel blog for, an online booking agency for airport transfer. She likes to explore new travel destinations and their hidden gems.