Hull 2017 at the new Diorama Theatre, London

Hull UK City of Culture 2017

Hull UK City of Culture 2017 is a 365 day programme of cultural events and creativity inspired by the city and told to the world. Hull secured the title of UK City of Culture 2017 in November 2013. It is only the second city to hold the title and the first in England. Divided into four seasons, this nationally significant event draws on the distinctive spirit of the city and the artists, writers, directors, musicians, revolutionaries and thinkers that have made such a significant contribution to the development of art and ideas.

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Hull Theatre in London

New Diorama Theatre and Hull UK City of Culture 2017, in association with Hull Truck Theatre, are proud to announce the full line-up for an important new initiative that aims to bring Hull-based theatre companies to wider audiences in London and beyond.

New Diorama Theatre has a long-standing, and ongoing, relationship with many early-career theatre companies from around the country and the Hull UK City of Culture 2017: Emerging Theatre Companies Showcase will take place in London from the 31st January to 4th February 2017, with some of the most exciting theatre companies making work in the UK today.

Four have been selected to be part of the Hull UK City of Culture 2017: Emerging Theatre Companies Showcase at the New Diorama: Silent Uproar, founded in 2013, who create playful and provocative new work, often inspired by films, comic books, and video games; Bellow Theatre, set up in 2014, whose work offers a fresh twist on old tales as well as completely new narratives, often staged in unlikely settings; The Pub Corner Poets, who started in 2013 and bring together performance poetry, musicians and artists; and Middle Child, established in 2011, who bring the energy of the music gig to theatrical performances that reflect on life in contemporary Britain.

New Diorama Theatre’s Artistic & Executive Director, David Byrne, says “There’s been thrilling work coming out of Hull over the last few years: this London showcase is the perfect spotlight to show off the considerable talent of some of the UK’s best companies. I can’t wait to really see these Hull companies shake up our London audiences.

Martin Green, CEO and Director Hull 2017, said: “Hull 2017 includes a fabulous variety of theatre throughout the year and we are very excited to be working with the New Diorama on the Emerging Theatre Companies Showcase. Hull has a wonderfully vibrant theatre scene, with immensely talented and energetic people creating new work that we want to reach the widest audiences possible. This showcase is a brilliant introduction to some of the terrific companies that Hull is home to.”

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IMAGE Courtesy of VHEY