How to Get to Burma from Vancouver

Now that Burma‘s opened up their doors after decades of rule under the military regime, many curious Canadian’s are beginning to flock into the country’s doors to uncover the wonders of Burma (or rather Myanmar as it is now called). Expect to feel like you’ve gone back in time, as you’re charmed with the curiosity of the people, incredible cuisine, lack of infrastructure, and third world amenities. It’s pretty magnificent launching into a land that many foreigners have not been touched, such as Thailand and Malaysia. It’s important to jump on the boat soon though, tourism has sky rocketed in Burma, and pretty soon it will be jaded with tourist’s footprints like many of the other countries.

Many people have asked me how to get to Burma (or Myanmar). I travelled there this Winter, and was pleasantly shocked with the contrast between my own home town in revelstoke weekend rentals. Despite common belief, there are many ways to get to Burma (or Myanmar), by either air or land. I’ve also offered many different routes, depending on your travel budget and preference in transportation.

By Flight:

If you’re coming from Vancouver Canada there are a couple different flight options. Firstly, you can fly from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) into Hong Kong (stop over for 2 hours) then fly into Myanmar. Secondly, you can fly in Seoul, Korea (stop over for 2 plus hours) then fly into Burma. When we flew we decided to stay a couple days in Seoul so we could also experience the Korean culture.

You can also fly into Thailand, but you’d have to fly into Bangkok and then to Myanmar, or for a cheaper option, fly into Bangkok, bus up to Chiang Rai, and then cross the border. This is also an option. We flew into Korea, stopped for 3 days, then flew into or Myanmar for ten, then flew into Thailand, and stayed for one and a half months.

By Bus:

There are many bus routes which are a lot cheaper, but are very uncomfortable and are not very time efficient. The border crossings can also be a huge hassle, because the rules keep changing. You can cross from a couple places in Thailand and India. You can also take shuttle buses which are a little more time efficient (because there are less people) and you can have them arrange you’re visas for you.


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