Heat Holders – the travellers dream

Ahead of some winter walking that we are doing in the Chiltern Hills in south east Enlgand, I got my hands on Heat Holders’s neck warmer: and I love it!

Furry, soft and warm and it doesn’t come with the drawbacks that scarves come with (no chance of  doing an Isadora Duncan)!

heat holdre - neck warmer

As you may guess, I am not a fan of scarves. The ends never do quite what I want and it always seems a bit of a palaver getting them to keep the right bits warm.

I tried using a snood, back in the day, but I found those too bulky round the neck when you are wearing one just around the neck.

So as you can imagine, I am cock-a-hoop to discover Heat Holders’ neck warmer. No annoying ends, no extra bulk, stays exactly where it should  and, thanks to some boring thermal tecnology, it is very warm.

Ahead of our treks I also used to it stay warm playing tennis up on the wintery hillside on which Toddington Tennis Club is positioned. Again it proved perfect for keeping the right bits warm and staying in the right place even when being very active, so it should be good for some more strenuous activities like mountain climbing or skiing.

So all in all a good call – they just need to come up with a snazzy name so I can be warm AND trendy! Maybe they could provide them in football colours and then we can wear them on the terraces too!

More info on Heat Holders’ range can be found at https://heatholders.co.uk/ and I can confirm that no maney has changed hands!