Half Board in Barcelona


Although it is a European city, Barcelona runs on Barcelona time – which is very different to GMT!

This mainly manifests itself with restaurants not opening until 8pm and the night not starting until after 10! If you are there for some period of time then this is fine, but if you are just enjoying a short break, look for a Hotel in Barcelona with half board as an option: you trust your hotel to entertain you and look after you, why shouldn’t you trust them to feed you too!

On a recent family visit to this excellent city, we decided to book our hotel on a half board basis. Yes there are lots of restaurants in Barcelona but on a weekend break, which we knew was going to be full of walking and museums and visits to the beach, we just didn’t want the hassle of looking for a place to eat: we are rubbish at making decisions and we decided that all the good restaurants would be full and all the empty ones would be expensive!

Our  Hotel in Barcelona Eixample, the four star Evenia Rossello Hotel  was one of the many excellent hotels near the city centre that offer board on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis. It also gave us a handy base half way between the sea front and Park Güell.

Our short break started, as many of them do, with an early departure and an early arrival. We left our bags at the hotel and went for an explore down to the marina. It was March, and for us Brits unseasonably warm, so after a brief walk and although it was only mid morning the opportunity of sitting in the sun-kissed terrace of a Marina-side bar already serving drinks just seemed to good to pass up: after all we were on holiday.

After a few drinks and some map-studying we headed up to the Gaudi’s Park Güell, but half way there we decided that we should eat before rather than after so we grabbed some snacks, picked a bench with a view and took a leisurely picnic.

Park Güell is a remarkable place and well worth a visit and after a long day and only a snack we decided it was dinner time. How glad were we that we didn’t have to think about it?

So as the hotel restaurant opened up at 8pm there we were, having been glad of the fact that ours was a Hotel in Barcelona with terrace, allowing the family to enjoy our G&Ts  and cokes and orange juices in its stylish surroundings

The rest of the holiday carried on in the same vein. Tourist stuff, the beach, the super museum of Barcelona (which was nice and cool too) and then back, knackered and starving to the hotel at the end of the day with no worries about where or what to eat: Perfect!

Note. It helped too that our Hotel in Barcelona Paseo de Gracia was nearby too: a lovely avenue full of shops and places of interest: make sure you wander down there on your trip to Barcelona!

This article was sponsored by our good friends at eveniahotels.com

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