From Skier to Property owner

Whether we happen to be on a winter skiing holiday or a summer walking holiday, the other people in our little group of families, who go on holiday together each year, always run a sweepstake. How many days will it be until Simon tries to get them to club together and buy our own chalet or gite.

Last week it was the slopes of Puy de Sauncy – this winter it will be the slopes of Trois Vallées that tempt me (photo Sophie Harding)

Normally, it happens on the third or fourth day – well that is where the smart money is. We’ll be walking through the resort and I will notice the local estate agent. Maybe it’s a photo of a particular property or the fluttering of the Estate Agent’s magazine in the rack outside the shop that tempts me over. But what ever it is, I go across and marvel at the properties and the prices.

The Trois Vallées – the scale makes them the perfect place to buy your own chalet and come back again and again (photo:

A chalet st martin de belleville for €70,000 or a barn to renovate for €128000. I’m not asking them to spend a lot and we don’t all have to be able to fit at the same time, although the three bed apartment in Val Thorens with its own balcony that you can ski to the bottom of the nearest chair lift for €425 000 is tempting!

Just think: a home from home where you can stash all that ski gear and apres ski booze! You can just pop over for the weekend on the pretext of “checking up on the place” and spend the whole time on the slopes.

So why do we still have no pied a terre: an apartment Les Menuires in Les Menuires?


It is no good, I have discovered, hitting the good members of the Yeti Sketi Ski Club with a bill for 25,000€ per family on the 4th night of a full-on ski trip. They need to be warned.

So February 2020 sees us heading to Val Thorens (again) and this time I am making some plans. The traditional 4th day lull is not going to be filled with a day trip to go ice diving in Lac du Lou, or daring to ride the Zip line from Moutiere chairlift or even last year’s activity of Snowshoeing (possibly the most pointless activity known to man). I’ve got a very special tour booked with some surprise destinations!

The good folk at 3 Vallées Immobilier are going to arrange a three or four stop tour of some of their best properties for sale in the Trois Vallées area.

We are going to have a good old nose round some apartments, chalets and houses to get a feel for what is available beyond the group chalets that we have become accostomed to.

We’ve always gone to Val Thorens for the limitless slopes you can explore, in winter (and summer) and that limitless attraction is even more important when choosing to buy somewhere, because this will become your holiday destination for many years to come.

It’s also good for access with hundreds of flights from London Luton to Chambery direct in the winter and then Lyon and Geneva in the summer or the Ski trains that leave from nearby St Pancras: in fact there seems to be less walking involved to get from Luton Thameslink to 3 Vallées than to get to Queen’s Ice Skating rink in Bayswater!

So with its inexhaustable supply of pistes and trails and the fact that everything is down hill from VT I think it will become the perfect place for the next chapter of our little adventurous group – hopefully for generations to come!