Can we go to France daddy?

Over the weekend, apropos of nothing in particular, my daughter announced that she would be studying the Norman Conquest next year. Sounded interesting, I said, I enjoyed learning about William The Conqueror when I was young!

“So when can we go to France to find out more about him?” said young Sophie.

Ah the penny dropped. You see Sophie is interested in her school work and does well but, like her mum and dad, she is a bit of a traveller at heart! Any excuse for an adventure – whether it is a weekend break, a trip to see family abroad or a cycle ride to the next village, she likes to get out and about.

Can we go to France

She loves France – we spent a week in a Yurt in France a couple of years ago and the whole family is keen to repeat the experience – if only there is enough time! Also we went to France when she was very young, when we returned to the Dordogne to relive one of my childhood holidays in Brantome.

Our adventures this year are just starting to take shape – although we must be retrospect if we are to stand a chance of affording the trip down under next year.

So the plan seems to be to spend a few weeks in Europe doing all the things we hope to do all at once. And that now includes…

Sounds pretty good huh?

The thing I really like is that all the highlights are getting picked by the family as we go through the year. Hopefully the month will not need a lot of planning. Once we have worked out when we need to be out and back by, I will just book the crossing and we will spend a summer wandering around Northern Europe!

We will camp and “YHA it” as well as staying with friends and family when possible, keeping costs down and petrol is quite cheap – so that is OK. And because we are over there for some I think we will use the ferry rather than the train… I always thing a journey should include a boat – it is probably being an islander!

Now all we need is a bottle of wine a quiet evening and we can get everything organised!