Fascinating Short Or Long Beijing Layover Tours

Taking a Beijing Layover Tour is a wonderful opportunity for people, who have a layover in the city of Beijing. There are multiple places to visit and a lot of sites to see that will not only help you spend your layover time efficiently, but will leave unforgettable memories from your visit of this ancient region.

There are many Beijing Layover Tours offered based on your time and interests. People can visit the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City or the Olympic sites to experience a lot of fun during their layover. Those, who have a bit more time, say 4-8 hours, will definitely enjoy taking a Beijing Airport to Great Wall tour, where they can see the Mutianyu with all its glory. This section of the Great Wall is ideal for hiking and a bit harder to climb compared to the most popular section of Badaling, located only several km away. People, who have walking difficulties, can take a gondola to tower 14 or a chairlift to tower 6, which will also provide them with a fantastic Great Wall experience, being able to still enjoy awesome views.

Mutianyu’s original construction is completed in the 5th century and then rebuilt 8 centuries later, when the original wall’s foundations have been laid. The Mutianyu pass has been a strategic place for many battles and three watch towers have been built on it in 13th century. The Mutianyu Section is the most recently restored part of the wall, which has been opened to tourists in 1986. The magnificent scenery that opens before the visitors makes this place favorite for millions of tourists, who prefer to spend here their Beijing Layover Tour.

Some other ideas for your Beijing Layover Tourmay include a visit to the old Hutong in Beijing, where you can see the Bell Tower and Drum Tower, ancient buildings with a long history. You may also walk along the Yandaixiejie Street and visit the Shichahai Lake, which consists of three connected lakes.

Those, who choose to join the Beijing Layover Tour of Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, will be able to see the National Grand Theatre, the The Great Hall of the People, where the China’s parliament is situated, along with the Tiananmen Square, which is the largest public plaza in the world. They will also be able to enjoy other significant sights, such as China National Museum, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and the Forbidden City.