Family-Friendly Destinations In Newcastle, Australia

Are you one of those who feel that a holiday doesn’t feel complete without the entire family around? If, like us, you are planning to travel to the Australian city, Newcastle, you are in luck! The city that my cousins have moved to and that we will be visiting in 2017, seems to be built for family travel and offers everything from surf beaches to tropical reefs and more.

I’ve started my homework, like a good traveller should, so here are some of the top family-friendly destinations in Newcastle that we will be including in our travel itinerary:

Nobbys Beach

Nobby's Beach - Newcastle

Nobby’s Beach – Newcastle Image: Newcastle Tourism

Are you making plans for a hot summer outing? Nobby’s Beach is a very popular beach in Newcastle, Australia, and it is one of the best places in the country for sun tanning. This lovely and well-patrolled beach is safe for the entire family and offers a good array of family friendly amenities.

If you are visiting the beach with your children, they can choose to take a long stroll up towards the lighthouse or play in the rock pools that are located at the southern end of the beach. There are so many options to choose from and your kids are sure to have a blast – remember slip, slop, slap! The sun is a killer in Australia!

Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley is situated at Newcastle’s most spectacular vantage point and offers both panoramic harbour front and city views. Apart from the amazing views that it offer, Fort Scratchley holds great historic significance as it is the only site where guns were fired on enemy vessels.

If you are visiting with the whole family, you are recommended to take a full site tour to learn more about the fort’s as well as Newcastle’s history. Apparantly the tunnel tour is also very popular among children as it allows them to explore a maze of gun chambers!

Newcastle Ocean Baths

Opened since 1922, the Newcastle Ocean Baths have a long history as one of Newcastle’s popular swimming spots and a beloved historical landmark. You can rest assured that there are lifeguard services available seven days a week and the water quality of the baths are routinely monitored.

While your kids play safely in the picturesque beach environment, you can squeeze in a few practice shots too if you happen to be an aspiring photographer. After all, Newcastle Ocean Baths is a popular open air “studio” for photography!

King Edward Park

King Edward Park, Newcastle

King Edward Park, Newcastle Image: Destination NSW

King Edward Park offer scenic picnic areas with top notch views of the ocean and an abundance of shaded lawns. As you explore the destination, you will also be able spot some old parts of the Newcastle. The destination is very family-friendly as there are convenient amenities such as toilets, lawn areas, and a playground for children.

Before arriving at the park, you are recommended to prepare your own food because there are no food or drink vendors around in the park. All in all, the beautiful rotunda gardens and undisturbed ocean views certainly make King Edward Park a great family destination for your day out in Newcastle.

Blackbutt Reserve

At Blackbutt Reserve, you and your family can escape to a peaceful haven and natural landscape where there is an abundance of space for your little ones to run around. What’s more, there are convenient amenities suitable for a picnic or barbeque!

The reserve is a well-managed piece of nature and there are several animal enclosures built for kangaroos, emus and birds. You will be able to view the local wildlife up-close and it is truly an enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages. If you need any assistance, there are friendly volunteers on duty to assist you. Here’s a quick tip: To make your trip here more enjoyable, opt for a hands-on Koala experience which allows you to be photographed with a live Koala!

What Next?

I’m going to concentrate on some longer road trips next, but even these nearby attractions have highlighted the need for getting some reliable wheels. I don’t want to put our cousins out too much and also I want to make sure that we have a little bit of independence! And since we started planning this trip, the “family” that I will be taken over has extended somewhat!

When we were in Australia last we didn’t care too much about what rubbish old car we used, but the idea of breaking down in the middle of the bush without the support of a reliable bus hire service is a bit of a worry. 

Having said that I’m not cash crazy, so after some looking around, the Chadders family will be plumping for who not only seem to have the cheapest rates and quality bus amenities, they also service a wide range of regions in Australia, so if we do travel further afield than planned we won’t look like flamin’ galahs! More on them in the next post!

By the way, if anyone has any recommendations do shout out – we will be two parents, with two pre-teen girls and four (yes, count ’em) post-70 grandparents!

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