Exciting Activities For Your Panama Trip

by Travel Expert Nicole Allmann of WorldTop7.com – sponsors of this post

If you are into discovering and experiencing vibrant cultures, sampling delicious cuisine, and meeting colorful personalities then Panama is the country for you to visit.

Panama is famous for many things but the Panama Canal, I dare say, is its foremost tourist attraction. People who hail from all around the globe come have been coming here for many decades to see its wonders as huge ships go past. There are budget friendly downtown hotels and even 5 star luxury hotels very near the canal so you may want to book your stay at such a hotel to be able to enjoy the Panama Canal view from your own suite throughout your visit. The best vantage point for looking at and taking photographs of the beautiful Panama Canal would be at viewing deck at Miraflores Locks.

While exploring Panama City, make sure to come by the Causeway Amador where there are many stores and artisan shops where you can buy souvenirs at good prices. Tourists usually do not leave town without buying great local finds like the well known Ecuadorian made “Panama Hat” and Guna artisan products made by the natives.

If you’re in Panama City for work purposes then choose a luxury business hotel that has easy access to local museums, trendy restaurants, and hip bars or nightclubs in Panama City so you can easily unwind after a meetings or conferences.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Panama City and take a break from the hot weather, head to the Chiriqui Province for a one of kind countryside experience. There are plenty of interesting things to see there like beautiful towns perched up in the Chiriqui Highlands and numerous restaurants and entertainment venues that cater to the local sizeable western expat population.

Volcan and Boquete are popular towns that enjoy low temperatures from 60-70 degrees. Boquete’s expansive library of both English and Spanish books and the annual Coffee and Flowers Festival in January where hundreds of various indigenous flowers are showcased while neighboring coffee companies offer free sampling of their best coffee concoctions can be enjoyed draws many tourists.

The town of Volcan features the dormant Volcan Baru volcano so many tourists come here to explore and climb the highest peak in Panama. The best time to conquer it’s almost 3,500 meter height is during the month of February when rainfall rarely occurs so it would be more safe to ascend onto Panama’s highest mountain top. Some of the central boutique hotels in Panama City offer assistance in arranging tours for their guests so be sure to inquire with your hotel’s concierge.


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