Effective Tips For Traveling During Peak Travel Season

11 Effective Tips For Traveling During Peak Travel Season

Peak season travel is not for the faint of heart. It’s the season when everyone’s trying to get to somewhere or the other. There’ll be crowds, hotels and flights will be booked well in advance and prices for amenities will skyrocket. Yet, you can make it work and worth your while if you follow these effective peak-season travel tips. Peak season is roughly around mid-June through August for most European countries.

1. Be Flexible With Regard To Your Destination

For example, you can easily get last minute bargain deals for Ireland during Christmas than for Switzerland during Christmas. Just be flexible as to where you want to go, and you can still go to popular spots during peak season.

2. Keep Your Nose Tuned To Travel Deals

Look up online for a list of city-based last-minute packages.  Sign up for email newsletters for travel packages with deep discounts. Follow travel magazines on Twitter, such as Budget Travel (@BudgetTravel) and Condé Nast Traveler (@CNTraveler) for the most recent travel deals worldwide.

3. Use Online Travel Planning Tools To The Fullest

Set up flight alerts using Kayak.com so that you’re informed of the best rates and rate changes for your desired peak season route. You can better leverage this tool by playing around with various dates, airports and travel times. Also give Hotwire.com a try; you can check out the cheapest fares from your city.

4. Work On Streamlining Your Itinerary

Even if you end up paying more, a non-stop flight will work out better than multiple connections because during peak season, most airlines don’t compensate you for delayed or canceled flights. This means you’ll be spending needlessly on overnight stays. Get your seat assignment ahead of time to avoid getting bumped off your flight.

5. Figure Out The Best Airports To Use

Making your way through the crowds at O’Hare, LA International, LaGuardia or Heathrow airports during peak season is far from pleasant. Try to land at smaller airports and avoid the busy ones during peak season.

6. Pack Light, Arrive Early

Avoid checking in luggage so you can get ahead of the boarding queue; manage with one carryon piece and buy what you need later. For domestic flights, be at least two hours early; make it three hours for international flights.

7. Consider Traveling Via Ground Transport

Buses and trains are less busy than flights even during peak season. Plus, train and bus fares are cheaper. Plus, your transport is not likely to be canceled owing to weather conditions. If you feel that 8 to 10 hours on the road is too long, think of all the hours you’ll have wasted at the airport.

8. Be Prepared For Things To Go Wrong

When you’re traveling during the rush season, expect things to go wrong. This will help you stay calm and collected. Make sure you allow some additional budgets for unexpected emergencies.

9. Plan Your Trip Keeping The Crowds In Mind

Remember peak season means crowds. Do some research in advance to understand when each part of your destination will be crowded.  Then plan your trip accordingly, so you can avoid the maximum crowds.

10. Visit Places That Are Not Heavily Promoted

Remember places that are promoted as tourist sites usually enjoy more popularity. Use your discretion – there are several less promoted places that offer more value to travelers than the heavily promoted ones.

11. Use Discretion To Enjoy Sights

Head out to see the best of famous cities early in the morning. Medieval cities look glorious in the early dawn. Also avoid ‘free’ days at museums and galleries; that’s when they’ll be most crowded.

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