Duty Free Shopping Online

Take advantage of the Duty Free discounts available to travellers by buying online and using a price comparison site so that you know you are getting the best deal.

Even with the Duty Free discounts I still think that I should be doing all of my shopping somewhere cheaper. What we all need is a duty free prices comparison site.

Interestingly enough, if you live outside of the EU, travelling to Paris, France, are over 16 and not buying cigarettes then such a comparison site exists.

The way it works is that you order and buy online, the goods are delivered to your prefered shop and the V.A.T. is refunded to you when you leave.

I guess this means that you can take advantage of the best price (wherever that may be offered) and a wider range of goods (beyond what is normally available at the Duty Free shop near where you are staying) whether that is a high street shop or one in your own hotel.

Sounds good!

At the time that I write the offer is only available to visitors to Paris although I guess if you are travelling anywhere in France, as long as you can go via Paris, on your way back home, then you can pick up your Duty Free goodies. A very good range of Paris hotels seems to be listed – if not all of them!

Although I am not able to take advantage of the offer (as a UK citizen) I did run through the start of the buying process and I very quickly managed to fill up my basket with a camera, a Iphone case, a limited edition print, some perfume for my wife and some Canelés in Armagnac, Pate with blue cheese, a Kusmi tea the collection and some Catalonian cured meat.

Most importantly the prices that I was offered seemed to be good.