Dubai- A tourism magnet in the Middle East

A progressive and modern city and one of the UAE’s seven emirates, Dubai is undeniably the region’s tourism magnet. Although it is relatively a new tourist destination, the state has much to offer to its guests during their stay in Dubai.

The city is all set to give you a warm welcome, with its ultramodern infrastructure and inordinate tourist attractions. Dubai rides high to offer you a good short break for fine dining, sunbathing, partying, sporting events and shopping. Following are some of the attractions in Dubai that draw a lot of attention.

Silky Beaches

The city is enriched with some of the prettiest beaches, which offer various water-sport breaks. The temperature of the ocean ranges between 35°C in summer and 22 °C in winter. For those looking for an alternate to the sea’s salty water, dozens of hotels in Dubai has temperature controlled swimming pools. It takes about 90 minutes by road to reach the top-class diving delights in Khor Fakkan or Sharjah Enclave. The diving pleasure on coral reefs with widespread marine life is likely to spellbind your mind.

Natural Outdoors

The natural outdoors in Dubai may seem uninteresting and boring apparently. But the reality is different. The natural outdoors of Dubai is incredible. The city is enriched with various fossil cliffs, pristine waterfalls and moreover the freshwater lakes. You may find it difficult to locate these natural outdoors, but you can hire a travel guide who would lead you to such mesmerizing places.

Camel Races

Dubai holds the famous camel race. Visitors can have the sight of camel races, which are usually held in winter. During these races, you can also find many sellers dealing in various items ranging between beads to rugs. Watching the camel races is in fact an exclusive experience that can seldom be relished at other tourist destinations.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing in Desert Safari is one of the attractions that massively entice the tourists to visit the emirate of Dubai. Heading out to desert in Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), with expert drivers is likely to develop a lasting imprint on your mind. These drivers are well trained for giving you a roller-coaster ride in the desert. Additionally, the drives also lead the tourists to the strategic points where you can enjoy the panorama of the sunset. The journey in the desert completes with a lavish dinner.

Construction works

Dubai is also acknowledged for its construction works, which have changed the infrastructure of the whole state. It offers a wide array of skyscrapers that soar high in the skyline of the city. The peculiar nature of the infrastructure in itself is an attraction for the tourists. The realty industry provides tourists with various lavish options regarding the accommodation in Dubai. The city has got the potential to nestle the vacationers. If you are looking for short-term stay in Dubai, then Dubai Marina apartments is one of the options that offer luxury living features. You must visit all the high-end localities that stun the onlookers through atypical construction works.

Dubai rides high amongst other destinations for the vacationing delights it offers. I suggest you to give this city one good try in your next vacations. The treat is likely to be really big for you.

This article has been written by Sheikh Raza. He has been living in Dubai for many years and blogs about Dubai Properties and UAE real estate.