Dan’s Travelling Again :-)

OK so maybe I got impatient, but all that talk of no travelling seems to be a bit premature. OK it is not proper travelling, like with a backpack or anything, but it is moving from home to another place and this time it’s with my family!

My cousins moved to Newcastle, Australia a few years ago and I promised that I would go visit. Well that wasn’t going to happen on my own, but with my lovely family, that is a different matter!

So we are heading Down Under for a few weeks.

I must admit I can’t remember much about the area due mainly to its proximity to Hunters Valley, but I seem to remember it was nice enough – with a few national parks and of course the sea and Lake Macquarie – but most importantly, my cousins!

So the next few posts will be based around what I find out about the area – I hope they will be of use to you too!