Bus Hire Sydney

From an International and Domestic passenger point of view Sydney airport is the busiest in Australia. It would therefore make sense that if you are coming to Australia as part of a team, or a large group that upon landing at the airport you will have organized the hire of a bus to get your party around.

bus hire


As an example of this let us take my cricket club from England who was visiting Australia to play some friendly games while also taking in some of the Ashes series. This series is a number of professional cricket matches played between England and Australia, and is played every 2 years on a rotational basis in each country. Tickets for the most competitive rivalries in sporting events are in high demand and quite interesting to watch. My cricket club not only organized the member’s ticket purchases in advance but they hire a bus to get their members to and from games. The buses also take them on sightseeing trips during their visit. After flying to Sydney bus hires will pick you and your party up from the airport and be available for as long as you need. Although the party may stay in and around Sydney for the major part of their trip they also have the flexibility of flying to other parts of the country, and picking up bus hire services from wherever their next destination is.

As for bus hire companies in Sydney you will not be short of choice. For those requiring an 8, 12 or 21 seat minibus there are specialist companies that deal only in this type of transport. You can either go self-drive, or they will arrange an experienced driver to guide you wherever you and your party wish to go. This type of bus hire is ideal for smaller parties who wish to see some of the countryside, or have a social event such as a wedding or anniversary to attend. By hiring a driver your party can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while the driver takes the strain. When you work out the cost of this type of bus hire, and divide it between your group it really is a very cost effective and efficient way to get around. The added advantages of using one of the local drivers is that you will have no insurance issues, and no worries about directions, so as the Australians are proud of saying you will have “No Worries” at all!

We used buscharter.com.au when the Good To See Cricket team went to Australia