British and Germans – Do we travel differently?

As we all know, British and Germans share a special relationship. Don’t think so? Then just wait for the next football match to come along.

However, the two countries share a passion for travelling. Alex, blogger at the Travel Lab, looks beyond the scenes of the travel landscape, employing statistics and data science. In this article, he has a close look on what unites us and where the differences are.

British and Germans – Do we travel differently?


British and German have one in common: Almost half of travellers go on holidays to enjoy the sun at the beach. But while 4 of ten British travel to visit their family, only three Germans do.

So what are Germans up to besides sun and beach? Nature! They love to hike in the mountains, go biking, enjoy the mountains and the outside in general. 4 out of 10 Germans do this on vacation, which is twice as much as the British.


The British love Spain the most – and that hasn’t changed for a long time. The second most visited countries are the USA, followed by France, Italy and Greece.

Germany on the other side couldn’t be more different. Consequently to their love for nature, their number 1 destination is neighbour Austria. Their lust for sun is stilled by Spain, Italy and Turkey. Also, the Netherlands are very popular.

True for both countries: The majority of trips (65% in for Germans and 67% for British) travel to domestic destinations.

How much we travel

Germans do seem to have more wanderlust than British. 76% of the German population travel. In Britain, it’s “only” 66%. Statistically, every British goes on 2,5 trips per year, Germans go on 2,9.

How we book

People in the UK love to book online. 73% book trips online, while only 58% of Germans do. For all other means, we are quite similar. We like to book via someone we know, the agency counter or the phone. Only one of ten (British and German) book at the desired destination. We have in common that we like to plan in advance.

Are we likable tourists?

Like it or not: When you travel, you represent your country to a certain extent. It’s not a secret that neither Germans nor British are very good in this discipline. A survey conducted by triposo asking locals all around the world which nationality they liked the least and why provides more information:

While Germans (6th least popular nationality) are especially unpopular for their general bad behaviour and for complaining about everything, locals especially dislike the British (2nd least popular) behaviour at the bar and in connection with alcohol.

But hey, there’s also good news: Americans beat us all! US citizens are seen as the worst tourists by 33% of respondents. Funny: Even 44% of Americans say that their fellow countrymen are the worst tourists in the world.

Reserving sunloungers

Germans reserve sunloungers. We all know it and nobody can deny it. They get up early and put their towels on sunloungers. But guess what: A new study found out that British fight back! And they use the Germans’ own tactics.


What does this all mean? Ok, both Germans and British are not the most popular nations when it comes to tourists, but we knew that, didn’t we? We love to travel a lot, for different reasons and to different destinations. And we both reserve sun loungers (even if it’s an almost-fact that Germans definitely do score “higher” in this aspect). Let’s keep on traveling!

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