Borneo is a much mis-understood place. It is part of three countries and yet it is seen by many as an ungoverned wilderness where only wild men live.

Two areas, Sabah and Sarawak are part of Malaysia and boast a steadily growing tourism infrastructure.

What’s Good To See?Good to see borneo

Travellers are mainly attracted by the wildlife, the Orang Utangs (the original “wild men”) and the disappearing forests and jungles. But parts of Borneo, like Kinabalu in the north, is also a great place to slope off to for a couple of weeks on the beach! With five star hotels and international cuisine to rival any holiday resort destination.

The Kingdom of Brunei is also an extraordinary place to visit with both extreme riches and poverty visible from the same pavement.

The last country represented on Borneo is Indonesia. It’s part of the island is Kalimantan which covers  two thirds of the Island. Every rumour has its basis in fact and the rumour that Borneo is a wild, still undiscovered place is down to the fact that Kalimantan is a wild and undiscovered place!

The island as a whole has vast reserves so it is an island that stands to be much abused unless the controlling hand of international tourism can open the island to everyone, not just the oil barons becasue I can’t imagine the greens will have all but a cosmetic effect!

Kota Kinabalu is the main tourist hotspot to look out for. The coast is easily accessible and has the best transport links to the rest of this massive island.

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