Booking holidays to South Africa online

Last year I started an article on South Africa with the comment that however far away it may seem, arranging a holiday there was no harder than arranging a trip to London or a city break to New York (depending on which country you started off from!)But no more than a few months later, travel to South Africa has become even easier with holiday packages to South Africa available to book online, all in one go, in real time!Travel company, Exoticca, is an online travel agency which offers package holidays to exotic destinations where the user can make the purchase totally online and get a confirmation without needing to wait for a previous quote and being able to see in real time the final price that will pay.Too easy? NO! I mean we can all get carried away in the moment – sobering up the next morning to find that you’ve got a tattoo of Noel Edmunds’s face on your calf, so why shouldn’t we be able to wake up in the morning finding that we are going on holiday to South Africa with some random stranger we met in the bar (Noel Edmunds maybe?)

Aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa on a sunny afternoon. Photo taken from a helicopter (was it Noel Edmunds’s?) during an air tour of Cape Town Author: Deyan / Fotolia.comPersonally, I am someone who has never been able to make a decision if I’ve been forced to think about it whilst someone else catches up with my thought process. There are too many sayings  about “thinking twice and acting once“.  “Act in haste, repent at your leisure” has put the kybosh on many a great plan. And I would say that not booking an all inclusive holiday to South Africa would be the greatest error of all!So I would say go with the flow, if you feel it do it! Exoticca travel packages could be opeing up the world to many a late night “great idea” and with no-one around to stop you just think what you can achieve.See you in Cape Town!