My Best Travel Apps that make my tour hassle free

No matter where you’re heading to there are many useful iOS and Android Apps that can be your best friend to help you get there and plan out things to do when you arrive.

So if you need help navigating your planned tour, there are many apps to give you a hand. Right from flight reservation to booking best accommodation, car rentals, certain restaurant to best attractions in the city, you will get every type of app to execute your travel plans smoothly.

Before you pack your bags and explore the world, have a look at some of the most helpful travel apps that we have rounded up for you. The listed apps will surely anticipate all your on-the-road needs. Here we go!

Trip It - best travel apps to make your tour hassle free

Trip It – shows all your trip details at a glance

Travel List

When we are out for a tour, we always forget to pack some important things. So Travel List App can provide you little help to pack the things we miss out most like charger, toothbrush and other such items to put in our suitcase. Using this app, you can set reminder for all things you need to to keep in the last minute, just before you leave. Apart from this, the app is helpful to plan for every stop of your trip so that you don’t miss out on any single thing. You only need to add events to the calendar by setting time or alerts.

(Cost: $1.99; for iPhone)

FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack Pro will cover more than 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines. Using this app, you can easily manage your international flights along with real-time updates with the help of zoomable maps. All important information, be it a flight delays, departure gates and cancellations, all these and more will be on your fingertips. In addition, there is a feature like push flight alerts, Tripit and terminal maps.

Trip It

This amazing app will show all your trip details at a glance. You can get to see all these together be it hotel, flight, car and map-get it under one roof. To make it easier, you can do lot many things like-sync your travel plans with your online calendar, share all itineraries and post travel plans on your various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Head to

(Cost: free; for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone 7)


You can get detailed weather report from around 2 million geographical locations. Reports about cloud formation, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and humidity all information is provided in detail. Reports are almost accurate. So you can make good use of it to check what all things to pack in order to combat bad weather.

(Cost iPhone (£2.49), Android (£1.99) and Windows Phone (£2.29)

JetLag Genie

You may have come across lot many theories talking about how to beat jetlag but most of them don’t have any scientific clout. The most agreed opinion about it is that changing sleeping habit before the journey can prove to be favourable. This is what the app is going to help you do. You only need to put in all your travel details like dates, destinations and usual sleeping time. The app will come up with alarm clocks to soften the blow and when you wake up on Tuesday afternoon you’ll still be convinced that its Monday morning.

(Cost iPhone (£1.99)


Download this app if you are a foodie and want to know which restaurant serves best dishes you crave the most. From juiciest burgers to exotic dumplings, get everything you like in your nearest restaurant. You will get to see the amazing photos of thousands of dishes here. Get to learn what your friends and experts love to eat and share using this app.

(Cost: Free- for Android and iPhone)

Google Translate

Even if you are going to absolutely new place, you won’t feel completely lost with access to this helpful app called Google Translate. There are two options in your smart phone either you can write the text in word box you want to translate or you can speak up the phrase. Try whichever suits you well. The app can translate about 58 languages and hear 23 languages and can help you find any serviced apartments for home-alike stay or hotels.

(Cost: Free- for Android and iPhone)


One of the most significant things that can bug you throughout your tour is how to maintain budget and finances. Installing this app Mint, you can keep a track of your finances and maintain it, keep a stringent eye on your entire travel budget and finally track the expenses whatever you spend on your trip. The app is completely safe and secured to use. It’s just “read-only” service and you cannot transfer funds or can do any other transaction.