Beach Holiday In Turkey? Why Not?

What’s the easiest way to mix in a little beach-time with your cultural and historic discovery tour? Hop to Turkey and take that Antalya-Lara transfer!

If you think your Turkey tour means having to forgo that easy, lazy beach holiday you’ve been dreaming of, don’t worry! A country as rich in natural resources and attractions as Turkey is will definitely not be short of a wonderful beach or two! As a matter of fact, check any list of top beaches in Europe and you are bound to find Turkey and Antalya mentioned – so take that Antalya-Lara transfer and head straight to number one!  

Top Of The Lists

Often found on the top of the country’s best beaches, Lara Plajı  or Lara Beach, located in the eastern part of Antalya is a long stretch of golden sand, a few pebbles and a gentle sea of mild waves perfect for everyone, including families! Many tourists landing at Antalya’s main airport definitely take the Antalya-Lara transfer and head here, whether for quick R&R or to stay longer!

The popularity of the beach has given rise to many accommodations along the beach, from charming roomhouses to stunning hotels, all the way up to seven stars. In fact, there are a lot of stunning 4 to 5-star hotels along the beach, catering to many holiday travelers, beach lover or not. This is why many visitors going through the Antalya point of entry take the Antalya-Lara transfer to hotels located here, then using it as a base for the many attractions the region has to offer.

Lara Plaji is 45 minutes by bus to the city center, and highly accessible to many of the area’s top visitor’s spots. From here, there are many arrangements that can be made for daytrips to places like Antalya’s old city, the waterfalls, ancient ruins, mosques, bazaars and more!  Not only does this arrangement serve as a cost-efficient option for many– there are perks to being billeted somewhere near the region’s best beach as well!

The Beach

For those taking the Antalya Lara transfer to make the most of the pleasures of the beach itself. The golden sand, Mediterranean breezes and countless commercial services make it easy to stay and lounge around all day. Here, it is possible to rent beach chairs and sun umbrellas as well as places to procure snacks, drinks, showers, massages and even entertainment!

Getting to the beach using the Antalya Lara transfer requires traveling east of Antalya’s cliffs (known as falez), going past the Lower Düden Waterfall towards the Gulf of Antalya. Many customers from the hotels and restaurants in the area have been known to swim from docks and platforms here!

For those who eschew crowds and commercialism, there are vacant spots on the beach where one can spread a beach towel and just laze around in the sun, then take a dip on the beach! It’s a great way to spend a holiday– but make time to take the Antalya Lara transfer back, and check out the other attractions Turkey has to offer as well!

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