Visit Australia

The bits in Australia that are really worth seeing (once you have visited the relations and talked about Rugby or Cricket over their massive BBQ) are the bits in between!

Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Alice Spings (in no particular order) are all interesting in their own way, but it is what surrounds them that makes Australia the amazing place to visit.

Yes, if you haven’t got the time to drive up the East coast, a flight is a great way of getting around quickly, but you will miss what makes the country special!

uluru or ayres rockSo what is Good To See?

Uluru is the national symbol when it comes to tourism but what it really represents is the land and the people that were here before the white man came and their ways.

The rock itself is sacred to some of the aboriginal tribes so there are some great stories about the area. The great kangaroo that can be seen in the very shape of the rock came to be there because it was tricked by the mice people (whose teeth he bashed out and left in the hills nearby).  In his death throws he spat out into a desert creating a huge salt lake.

This serves no more than to warn the locals that there is a salt lake on that side of the rock and not to walk out into the desert in that direction. By making the site sacred the story has even more weight and so the storytellers have ensured the safety for visitors who know the story.

Take your time to get there – don’t hack out on a coach at silly o’clock in the morning. If you haven’t any relations in Melbourne then I would say don’t go there and use the time you have saved to extend your stay in the centre

WARNING: You know when people say it is hot and you should take care?  Believe them. You don’t know how right they are