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You may not know it, but Armenia is fast becoming a rather exciting tourist destination. Highlights include hiking pristine trails, wine/dine tours and the chance to discover the culture of ancient civilisations built up along its famous silk routes. Add to that temples, forts and mountain lakes and even a bit of skiing and you will start to understand why companies like Armenia Holidays are finding it easier and easier to spread the word!

I will let them introduce themselves!

The best time for all people from all over the world can be had by visiting Armenia. So whenever you decide to spend your summer in an unforgettable manner, turn to the company ARMENIA HOLIDAYS. We are always ready to fulfill your wishes according to your travel plan.

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Armenia carries a psychological baggage from a traumatic 20th century. But alongside with this fact you would haldly notice something when you go for a tour around the country. The capital city of the Republic of Armenia is rapidly growing and developing an intriguing boutique tourism industry.

People are very warm and hospitable, and tend to create everything for their comfort and well-being. Around the country tourists can see thousands of memorials, among them ancient monasteries, churches, former high-walled forts and fortresses. Armenian people are very garcious, humble and easy-going people, wo are easy to get in touch with even if you don’t know the language at all, or even if they do not know your language. They’ll do everything in their power to help you or to explain the thing you asked them. Hence, be sure to always find help anytime you are somewhere in Armenia or in Yerevan, the capital city of the country.

At summertime sun is hign overhead, and early in the morning you can breathe the fresh air. At summertime it’s such a joy to shuttle along Yerevan streets and watch how people are going to work, to school, to univercities, etc. Morning is the best time to go for a little walk and enjoy the summer air. It’ll give you the sense of starting a new life without trouble and full of joy.

There are many tour packages that ARMENIA HOLIDAY offers to travellers. The experience in Armenia may widely range with its type and objective. You can design a 5-day tour in Yerevab and Sevan, or a 10-day experience in rural towns like Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan or Goris. Tsaghkadzor is the best place at winter time for going to ski, or for experiencing the ropeway. This is how you can plan your time in Armenia with one of the best and experienced companies called ARMENIA HOLIDAYS.