Anglesey with the Dog

It’s not really a proper family holiday if the dog can’t come, is it? They’re as much a part of the family as anyone else, and they’d never leave you behind. The problem is finding a place to take the dog that’s also a top holiday destination. Well, why not try Wales? North Wales is a top family holiday destination, and it’s a fantastically pet-friendly destination; a break in Anglesey with the dog could be just the thing both your family and the pooch needs!

Where to Stay in Anglesey with the dog

If you’re looking for the traditional holiday cottage, Anglesey is superb. When it comes to pet-friendly North Wales holiday cottages you’re spoiled for choice with a host of choices on the island of Anglesey itself and even more on the mainland. If you’re looking for something a bit more rustic in Anglesey with the dog, the island boasts plenty of camp grounds, but if you actually do want something completely different, you won’t soon forget a weekend stay in a fully furnished dog-friendly yurt on Anglesey’s North coast.

What to Do…

If you’re going to Anglesey you’ll want to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world. Newborough Beach is Anglesey’s most popular outdoor destination, and it’s easy to see why; it has everything the dog and the kids want from a beach. Sand for digging, rocks for scrambling, dunes and grassy hills for walking and beautiful views out across the Irish Sea. It’s just one example of what’s available, there are plenty of other extremely popular beaches as well as gardens, parks, and nature reserves to explore.

To change things up from nature walks, you should definitely plan a trip to Foel Farm Park. It gives children (and adults) a chance to get hands-on with all the sights and smells of a real working farm, and dogs are more than welcome to go along and experience it all as well. Then there are the historic places like ancient Castell Aberlleiniog. All places you’ll be welcome with a dog in tow.

Once you’ve finished a bracing day out you might be in the mood for a pint or two; fortunately Anglesey has at least 20 pubs friendly to dogs, so you don’t have to head straight to the cottage (or yurt) straight away.

Even that isn’t the extent of what you can get up to in Anglesey. We haven’t even mentioned what’s in North Wales if you’re staying for a little longer, and if you can trust the dog in the cottage for a morning or afternoon take in one of the restaurants brimming with fresh seafood or even try your hand at some adventure sports.

The copper mine in Amlwch is also worth a visit – just keep an eye out for any potholes!

Anglesey with the dog

When to Go…

The best time to visit is, unsurprisingly, the summer. Summers in Anglesey are pleasantly mild, so if your dog is sensitive to extremely high or low temperatures the climate in Anglesey should be fine: Average high temperatures peak at 17c in July and August, and bottom out at 12c during the nights, giving you a comfortable stay.

More information

Like everywhere these days there are some restrictions on dogs on Anglesey – Check out the council’s page at for further information.