After Coronavirus – Travel Questionnaire

From the depths of a UK lockdown, it is easy to see how important planning ahead is to the mental wellbeing of everyone in your household – everyone in the country.

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Are You planning Your next Holiday?

We may not know when a return to happier times will happen, but we can certainly begin to look forward to seeing friends, family and going on holiday when ever it does happen.

Holidays after COVID

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This essential planning started in our household with an email from one of our friends asking where we wanted to go for our annual group holiday. Apparantly 4 weeks is quite enough of not looking to the future!

So it set me to wondering what is happening with everyone else. Have you booked? Are you delaying booking? Or are you just planning for fun?

Here are 10 quick questions and your chance to share with the world, what your travel plans look like on the other side.

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