5 Dream Honeymoon Destinations

Finding the perfect honeymoon destination can be tricky. Do you opt for somewhere exotic and travel far or somewhere closer to home that might not be as much like paradise. Below are some of our favourite honeymoon spots which are home to fantastic luxury honeymoon hotels, and where you can even get married too if you want!


Maldives is simply a paradise on earth, from solitude coral islands to holding the record of being the flattest country on earth. It’s beauty presents the perfect environment for those special moments with your partner!

The numerous islands give you a pleasant opportunity to island hop with your loved one and enjoy the spectacular views of the islands flora and fauna. You can enjoy a bit of romance by having a romantic picnic in the uninhabited islands where you can do as you wish away from the watchful crowds.

Remember to do one thing in Maldives, watch the glorious sunset as it sets deep into the sea, and emitting a spectrum of magical colors, guess what? This natural phenomenon is absolutely free!


The land of Myanmar is particularly romantic and a perfect destination for honeymooners. It is full of interesting Buddhist monuments such as the Golden Rock which is an interesting phenomenon as this huge rock defies gravity.

Visit the small steep sided volcanic peak of Popa where it is believed to be living home of the Myanmar spirits. This fascinating shrine is home to interesting flora and fauna. You can enjoy picking wild flowers with your partner.

The breathtaking scene of Inle Lake is inspiring and is studded with floating islands and is known for its unique leg-rowers and colorful local markets. Stray across its shore and rekindle romance as you watch the sun set over the scenic lake.

Once you’ve seen the sites, Burma is full of stunning accommodation and dreamy exotic surroundings . If you choose a luxury holiday in Burma for your honeymoon you won’t be disappointed.


After that rigorous period between engagement and tying the knot, one can only wish for a relaxing holiday to start life together. A luxury honeymoon in India is one such place to cool it off and enjoy the romance.

Goa is a popular destination for honeymooners. It has a lot to offer; from the setting sun, miles of golden sands, clean and secluded beaches and tantalizing cuisines. The Palolem beach is perfect for sunbathing, so just enjoy smothering your lover with heaps of sunscreen. It is also home to a host of luxurious hotels where you will be pampered and spoiled.

The Kerala backwaters are also an amazing place to enjoy the scenic beauty and Ayurvedic treatments after all the hassling. It has shimmering backwaters, lush green Hill Stations and secluded beach spots for the perfect romantic moment. Start life together on a lazy rice boat cabin before escaping to one of the amazing resorts nearby.


The city of lights is undoubtedly the most romantic city in the world; you can enjoy strolling the streets hand in hand, savor genuine French bread and taste the sweetest red wine in the world. You can also choose to have dinner on the famous Eiffel Tower and make that memorable kiss happen on this world landmark.

In France, just the simple act of enjoying a gourmet meal in good company is now protected as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage, so why not start your life together in such a preserved pleasure.

Costa Rica

This natural delight is home to open forest spaces and deserted beaches, so expect to breathe fresh, unpolluted air and experience flora and fauna in its most natural state. You can enjoy walking in the well preserved forests or bird watching with your new found partner. Trek on volcanoes, explore hidden waterfalls, and indulge in beautiful stretches of unsullied coastline. The Pacific side to the country offers incredible beaches with deep blue waters that will calm and and relax you bot, whilst the vivacious colors and vibrant vegetation will breathe romance into your break…

… if you are looking!

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