3 River cruises around the world that everyone should experience

These day’s people are looking for all sorts of different ways to spend their holiday in a more alternative way. A trend has emerged for people who are looking for that something different to start booking on to river cruises with the fast majority raving about them spreading the word that this is now a funky way to spend your holiday.

Whether it be the attractive, modern boats, or simply the wildlife, views and alternative stop offs that attract people’s attention is still unknown. Either way, I thought I’d take you through 3 river cruises which have gained excessive popularity over the past few years and that trend shows no sign of stopping.

Cruises around the world – number three: The Danube

1 The Nile, Egypt

If there is one river cruise which you simply have to consider, it’s a cruise down the River Nile in Egypt. Stopping off at the temples in Luxor, Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of Kings and even Nefertiti’s tomb, this cruise is a one stop historical adventure. Throughout history this river has been used for trade between the east and west and is one of the most colourful cruises around. Whilst in Egypt many tourists also find time to take a flight Cairo to see the Pyramids at Giza as well as the world famous Egyptian museum.

 2 The Yangtze, China

Very popular nowadays amongst UK tourists, the Yangtze river cruises often provide sights and sounds that would have seldom been seen around 20 years ago. The highlight of the cruises here are the 3 gorges, Xiling, Wuxia and Qutang which all culminate at the Three Gorges Dam which is also home to some of the bustling markets you will find in and around China.

 3 The Danube, flows through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany

At around 1800 miles long this river starts in Germany and flows through 8 countries along its journey to the black sea. A popular stretch of the river is the picturesque area around Budapest, Hungary. If you are lucky enough to get on one of the Danube river cruises you are guaranteed to have a great time with all its amazing countryside, varying landscapes and a vast array of cultures and people to taste along the way.

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