3 Options for an Alternative Summer Holiday

Ski holiday in France

For those who want a chance to cool off the record high heat waves, a ski holiday would be the perfect way to do so. Thrilling drops, fresh snow, and of course famous French hospitality make the French Alps perfect for summer skiing adventures. Finding the perfect ski chalet in France is an easy job as there is plenty to choose from.

Take a drive to the famous Lex Deux Alps, the largest ski area in the whole of Europe available during the summer.  Spread over 200 hectares and complete with a 750m drop, you have plenty to look forward to. Tignes’ grand glacier de la Grand Motte too has a beautiful piste skiing area, complete with a 500m slope. Depending on the summer temperatures, you can get up to 365 days of skiing. La Pagna’s Bellecot Glacier is also worth checking out. Finally, try out the Glacier de Sarenne in l’Alpe d’Huez. The challenging route has thrilled skiers of all levels from all over Europe.

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Cruise down the Amazon

For those who have watched the Discovery channel’s documentaries on the Amazon, you may be tempted to think of wild times filled with anaconda’s, vicious jungle creatures, and the more-than-occasional sighting of panthers in the wild. While indeed all of these live in this majestic jungle, it is hardly possible that you will live through such an encounter on a river cruise down the Amazon. Instead, expect a sublime experience on the waves of the mighty Amazon.

While you won’t expect over-drive in the wildlife, you will still have your fill of the same. Flora and fauna from atop a riverboat will present themselves to you in spectacular fashion. Expect wild monkeys, exotic birds, and even the rare pink dolphin. Experience the warmth of the Caboclo tribe as you wander down the living river.

You have the option of choosing a luxury riverboat, complete with five star facilities. Alternatively, you can take the less comfortable but more memorable comrade riverboats that will have you sleeping on hammocks and making life-long friends.

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Volunteer in China

Visit the land of the dragon and put yourself to some good use as you explore the ancient culture of the Chinese. Volunteering in China is a great way to explore the beauty of the Chinese culture while at the same time contributing to a greater good.

China is a world economic powerhouse. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to take advantage of in the poorer and sometimes more rural areas of the country. Teaching English is an immensely popular way of volunteering in the country. There is a great need for the learning the language. In return, you will learn some basic Mandarin as well.

You can also volunteer at a local orphanage. Here, you will help with basic administration, work directly with the children, as well as acting as a tutor. If you love kids, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

While volunteering can be hard work, it need not be all work and no play. Take some time off to explore the Forbidden City, walk on the Great Wall, and visit the Terracotta Warriors, as well as exploring the famous Silk Route.

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